Why Ventilation Is Important To Your Home

Here in San Antonio, the heat can really skyrocket during warmer months. Keep your roof and home safe with some quick and helpful information!

We all know that most all attics and roofs are vented, and vented for a reason, but what is that reason exactly and why should all homeowners be aware of it? You’ve probably seen a turbine, or maybe you noticed turtle vents on top of your roof. What most people don't notice, however, is that the majority of homes don’t have enough attic ventilation causing bigger energy bills and unwanted damage to your home. When it comes to San Antonio roofing and ventilation, it pays to know if you've got the right system. Keep reading to learn what ventilation system we recommend and why.

Having your attic and roof properly ventilated is the first step in keeping your home more comfortable and secure. We recommend installing ridge-vent for ventilation if you don't have one already. These have proven to be very efficient and appealing for many homeowners in the San Antonio area. If you're not sure what ventilation system you currently have, make an appointment or call with any questions and we can help you decide if your home is currently ventilated in a way that protects your home and keeps your energy bills low. We specialize in San Antonio roofing and have installed hundreds of roofs as well as ventilation systems over the past 25 years! 🙂